Cannabis Camp To Open, Complete w/ Cooking and Yoga Lessons


Tokers in the US, take heart: a new summer camp for adults has just opened up in Colorado that could have everything you want in one. It’s got zip lines, rock- and cliff-climbing activities, punting, hiking, even yoga and cooking lessons — all with a unique and very legal twist you’re going to love.

CannaCamp, which opens its gates to the public early next month, encourages its visitors to bring their own stash of marijuana for recreational use all over 170 acres of the grounds.

Their webpage opens with this greeting:

CannaCamp is a 170-acre slice of heaven. We encourage you to enjoy first-hand
the awe-inspiring vistas, relaxation, and unpretentious hospitality of our secluded mountain resort. Our property offers guests an unprecedented opportunity to experience the outdoors and cannabis in a safe, comfortable, and social environment.

CannaCamp is more than a place, it is a feeling that you won’t soon forget,
and a rare experience you can’t afford to miss.

silhouette-67195_640As the legislation debate on the legalization of cannabis gets hotter with each passing week, campers can now enjoy a weed-infused massage and de-stress with “cannabis yoga”, or sign up for cooking on how incorporate their favorite leaf into their own signature dishes. Are you more of an artistic bent? Why not register for an art class at “Canvas & Cannabis”, or even try your hand at glass-blowing? you may choose to take home your handmade figurine, vase, or smoking pipe as a thoughtful souvenir of your time at CannaCamp.

Their cabins also boast luxurious comfort with an authentic rustic feel. Choose from their Ponderosa Cabin or Cabin Suites, which feature King-sized beds, wooden decks, and all the accouterments guests need to make their stay as cozy and stress-free as they please.

Joe Schneider, CEO of the Mary Jane Group (which in turn owns CannaCamp), shares: “We’re bringing an element of luxury to that adventurous, exploratory vibe of childhood summer camp — in a beautiful setting where visitors can enjoy marijuana in a safe, comfortable, social environment.”

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