NJ Racer Struck by Deer Still Somehow Manages to Finish Race

nj runner

A NJ runner who was slammed into by a deer during a half marathon still managed to complete the race.

nj runner
Ha ha, remember this!; Photo: OhMaGif

Christina Sanchez informed reporters she was on Mile 10 of the Jersey Shore Half Marathon at Sandy Hook when a large-sized buck took her out.

Sanchez, 40, says the deer came scampering out of the woods and hit her in a “blur of brown and white fur.”

The Fair Haven lady was knocked down before the deer darted back into a wooded area near Gunnison Beach.

Yikes, close call! Yet, Sanchez was not as fortunate; Photo: Tenor

She got attention from emergency personnel who gave her the ‘OK’ and urged her to end the race.

Sanchez concluded about 10 minutes slower than her objective time. But she states she wasn’t going to quit the race.

“I always tell my kids if you’re knocked down just pick yourself back up and keep going,” Sanchez explained to the press.

nj runner
Only if all deer could use the crosswalk like this; Photo: Gfycat

So, how does Sanchez feel after her run-in with bambi and finalizing a half-marathon?

“I’m in a bit of pain the day after,” she said Wednesday, ascribing some tightness in her leg to the 13.1-mile feat, accordant to the Asbury Park Press. “But it’s more the deer,” she elaborated.

nj runner
Photo: Gifer; If you are a NJ runner, please just keep your eyes peeled for geniuses like this..

Now, in regards to avoiding hitting a deer while driving, you should follow these instructions:

  1. TIMING is everything. Dusk and dawn are when deer are most active: points when your vision is most compromised
  2. Look out for the rest of the crew. Deer are pack animals, and seldom travel alone
  3. Take a second to reflect
  4. Strap on your seat belt!
  5. Stay the course
  6. Stay center
  7. And, Honk!


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