Gangster Deer In Japan Shake-Down Local Businesses For Years; Won’t Let Customers In Restaurants

Photo by Thegns of Mercia

Most of us are aware by now of organized criminal groups in every country. These gangs usually extort businesses, “protect” territory, and take down rivals in a violent manner. In Japan, they have the Yakuza, however, a new breed of gangsters are present in one province in said Asian country. The worst part is that they have four legs instead of two, perfect for chasing down runners. They are the deer which you will want to fear.

In Miyajima island in Hiroshima, Japan, there exists a group of deer which stand guard at local restaurants. They decide which people go in and are allowed to stay in the business establishment. They also do not care at all about what you think and stay there as they like even lying down. Here are two of their imposing four-legged enforcers, one even has a set of horns, if ever someone brings a knife to a horn fight.

The incident also happens all across Miyajima island where people who want to visit local businesses often have to contend with some horned stags staring them down at the entrance. Here is another one:

Apparently, this notorious deer gang have been at it for years. It also seems that their favorite spot is a casual lunch restaurant called Fukuya and they have been keeping their operations there most intense for several years. Here are some photos from several years ago at the said restaurant, back in 2014 according to the caption:

However, try as they may, these deer gangsters are just not that good at shakedowns. As you can see, Fukuya is clearly still standing. This means they do not disrupt the local business as much as their two-legged counterparts. They are quite cute, however, and have never hurt anyone, so there’s that.

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