‘Dead’ Cat Buried, Claws Its Way Back To Life

Bart The Cat
[Photo credit: FOX 13]

One Tampa Bay cat is proving that cats really do have nine lives. Bart the cat was hit by a car and left for dead in the middle of the road. His owner found the beloved pet completely unresponsive.

Tampa’s Fox station, FOX 13, reports, owner, Ellis Hutson, says he was sure the cat was dead, so he decided to bury it.

“I know the exact place I buried him.”

Then, a strange thing happened. Bart the cat appeared a few days later in a neighbor’s yard, alive and well. The neighbors immediately rushed him to the vet. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay says Bart miraculously regained consciousness and clawed his way out of the ground.

Bart the cat
[Photo credit: FOX 13]
Despite being alive, Bart sustained some pretty serious injuries. Sources say he has severe trauma to the head, a broken jaw, a dead eye, and other injuries. Doctors are scheduling surgery to save its life.

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