Darth Pooh: Darth Vader Lines Are Hilarious When Read By Winnie The Pooh’s Voice Actor [Video]

jim cummings darth vader

Meet Darth Pooh, the knee-slapping combination of Darth Vader’s lines from Star Wars and the voice of Jim Cummings, a prolific voice-over artist best known as everyone’s favorite honey-hungry bear, Winnie the Pooh.

Viral this week after being shared to r/videos, the above clip shows Cummings at a panel reading Darth Vader’s lines in Winnie the Pooh’s voice. The clip is about a year old, but has new viral power today because of reddit and social media shares (and because it’s a hilarious piece of pop culture win).

Some background info: Cummings read these lines at a panel at Connecticon 2013 last July, and improv’d a few “Pooh” catchphrases into his reading. The clip was uploaded by YouTuber Ian James, and while there are other versions of Cummings’ “Darth Pooh” reading, the one shared up top is by far the best quality.

Watch Jim Cummings read Darth Vader lines as Winnie the Pooh up top, and let us know in the comments which line was your favorite. It’s a close one for us, but we kind of dig “She must’ve hidden the plans in the escape pod … oh bother.” Instant classic!

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