Father Locked Out Of iPad for 47 Years After Baby Gets His Hands On It


Evan Osnos gave his 3-year-old child his iPad to play with, only it was returned with a small dilemma – it had been locked out for 25,000,000 minutes.

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To sum that all up, that is over 47 years! When his baby boy would be 50. Apple’s security locks devices in escalating increments of time for each incorrect password entered; hence, in this case Osnos’ kid must have been applying some brutal keyboard pounding to get it to nearly 48 years. In turn, he hopped on Twitter to gather suggestions on how to solve his tech crisis. And of course, Twitter provided him with some helpful advice.

One user recommended: “I would just wait it out”, while another said: “Reboot your 3 y.o.” Another curiously inquired: “Did the 3yr old get his hands on the iPad just as the 12,000,000 minutes from the previous lock expired?” Luckily, there were too some actually valuable replies. If you ever catch yourself in a similar predicament, Apple has guidelines to assist you in resetting it, though if it hasn’t been backed up you can wave bye-bye to all/any data you had stored on there.

Firstly, you connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC and open iTunes, then while the device is connected, force restart it. A pop-up ought of appear asking you to Update or Restore – select Restore, and iTunes will then download software for your gadget. Once this has concluded, you can move forward to set up and use your electronic again.


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