‘Tinder For Cows’ Matches Cattle In The Mood For Loving


A Tinder-inspired app, called ‘Tudder,’ is assisting farmers in matching up potential mates for their cattle—swiping right on cows they like the look of.

Farmers are then forwarded to a page on website SellMyLivestock, where they can browse more data and photos about the animals before choosing whether to purchase.

Useful information is available on matters like protein content and milk yield, or calving prospective, expressed Doug Bairner, CEO of Hectare Agritech which runs Graindex and SellMyLivestock. “Matching livestock online is even easier than it is to match humans because there’s a huge amount of data that sits behind these wonderful animals that predicts what their offspring will be,” he noted.

As with the human analogous, farmers utilize smartphones to first select whether they are looking for a female or male, swiping through pictures — left for no and right for yes — until they come across a match. Placing such data at their fingertips links farmers from all over the globe, making trading simpler.

Tudder user and cattle farmer James Bridger claims it alleviates transport stress for cows and may disrupt traditional markets. “You’ve got all this data of its background and everything which if you’re at a market you might not have had the time to go through for every single random animal,” he remarked in an interview.

“There’s nothing better than seeing an animal in its home, its natural habitat, rather than putting it on a lorry … if someone rings up and wants to come and have a look, or even getting it from the picture, it’s ideal really from that respect, and they’re happier for it.”

Bairner furthered. “Despite the rest of the world’s view of farming, it’s actually very technologically driven,” he spoke, citing automated dairy units, precision spraying and genetic science.


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