“Convince Her to Get Bigger Breasts” Manual: Boorish, or Bodacious? [Poll+Video]


“What I love about big breasts,” enthuses Ivan LeCasque, 59, “is not just the visual. It’s also tactile, the way it feels when you’re making love to a woman. It’s the attention that she gets, I have to admit that… And it’s a feeling of richness and abundance, that life is good.”

LeCasque, who hails from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, beams with all the content of a satisfied bloke beside his girlfriend Victoria, 47, who he has convinced to enlarge her breasts, going from a 26D to a 26K — a full seven sizes larger — and they’ve never been happier as a couple.

LeCasque loves ample assets so much he has been quite successful in convincing his four previous partners to go under the knife and step up one or two cup sizes. He has spent around $20,000 alone on his relationships on cosmetic surgery, with Victoria’s alone amounting to $11,000.

LeCasque is also more than happy to share his secret with the world on how to get your lady to say “Yes” to the boob job. He has written a book that expounds on a technique he has perfected through the years. the book has so far sold 3,500 copies world-wide, with only one customer who has taken advantage of the money-back guarantee.

Victoria herself is pretty pleased with the results, and is in full agreement with her partner’s wishes. “I think it’s wrong for women not to pander to their men,” she says. “If they feel like their husbands prefer blondes, I think you should be blonde. If you like bigger breasts, why not? Why not give in to their fantasies or desires? It’s really a fairly easy surgery and not expensive, so why not?”

Before and After: An A-cup Victoria at 19, on her way to christmas dinner (left); Ivan and Victoria ,now at 47 and a full K cup (right)

Victoria has a site (some pics NSFW for nipplage) that sells her gravure pictures and digital copies of the book she co-authored with her husband.

The couple still have plans of taking Victoria’s breasts a few cups larger, and they look forward to the big event.

“We’ve been talking about it for a while and to be honest, I kind of feel like it’s the excitement of the arrival of a new baby in the family,” Ivan said.

“It’s always twins, though!” Victoria giggled.

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