Bra Study Liberates Our Tatas [Twitter Reacts]

bra study twitter

A groundbreaking bra study (to those of us who write for a living, especially) was released to the day much to the jubilation of women everywhere, and me … and it seems that bras are totally pointless, you guys. We are free.

As you can imagine, reaction to the bra study news was swift and decisive, not unlike the subsequent removal of brassieres from sea to shining sea.

For every woman who starts unfastening the eye hooks before the key is even in the lock approaching her front door, there was a tweet of joy celebrating the loss of guilt we generally feel in every braless minute that our boobs are losing elasticity.

I have been to the mountaintop, and it didn’t matter there was jiggling all the way up!

So over on Twitter, women sang the song of an un-brasticated female, and here are a few of the tweets sent:

Wait, what? Are we stuck with bras? HELP US OUT HERE TWITTER:

Did your Twitter react to the bra study?

Kim LaCapria

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  1. Kindof annoyed that I had to click on some woman's chest to see this article. I'm doubtful that many American women will change their bra wearing habits based on this.

  2. Kind of random, but great! I will be breastfeeding soon and bras tend to suppress adequate milk supply, yet even mommies still feel compelled to wear them.