#CondomChallenge Makes A Splash On Twitter


#CondomChallenge is a new stunt craze sweeping teens on Twitter, and it’s all so splasharific, rubberific good fun.

The goal of this stunt is to get your friends to drop a tied-off condom filled with water on your head, and to get it to stay there. Sure, you might end up looking rather unflattering on video, but it’s all for a good cause… I think?

How did this new stunt come around? Well, remember those times when guys refused to wear rubbers because they say it felt too tight for their junk? Well, this stunt is essentially proof of how roomy and durable a condom can be. Take that, dudebros.

Here are some choice tweets from the hashtag.

Some attempts were, well, not so successful. Still funny, though.

Here, have a compilation, too.

but does this actually promote safe sex? Well, look at it this way: this got teens to be more aware about the importance of safe sex and condom use. We just hope they eventually remember to use it for its intended purposes.

Back in 2013, a different #CondomChallenge also did the rounds on social media. Only back then, challenge participants were suppose to snort a rubber up one nostril as far as it could possibly go.

We’d much rather go with this newer, wetter, challenge, thanks.

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