Twitter Hates Condom Ads, Leading To #Tweet4Condoms Campaign

Two condom companies are alleging that Twitter had blocked them from advertising through the social media site’s promoted tweets program.

In recent weeks, both Momdom and Lucky Bloke condom companies have posted tweets alleging that Twitter has denied their promoted tweets and have informed them that their accounts are not eligible for any promoted tweets.

Both companies say that Twitter cited advertising policies against “adult or sexual products and services” when denying their ads. That policy currently plainly states that ads for “contraceptives” aren’t allowed, along with, among other things, ads for pornography, prostitution, and erotic massages.  The policy then strangely seems to contradict itself, saying that ads for “Condoms” (clearly a contraceptive) are allowed in many countries, including the United States and Canada, so long as they don’t contain any “sexual conduct” and comply with local laws. Ads promoting sexual education, it should be noted, are allowed.

According to Lucky Bloke, their ad, which was rejected and never got posted on Twitter simply read “Tired of lousy condoms? Condom Experts: shipping the world’s best condoms (world-wide) w/a 100% money back guarantee.”

It remains unclear what Twitter’s exact policy on condom advertisements is, but condom companies aren’t happy about being placed in the same category as prostitution and similar sexual services. It has led LuckyBloke to start a petition to make Twitter change its condom ad policy, which has seen support from STD prevention accounts.

And like any good movement on Twitter, it has its own hashtag, #tweet4condoms.

Twitter has not yet clarified their condom advertisement policy or made any official comment on the situation.

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