Colin Kaepernick’s Mother Fires Back At Lowell Cohn’s Criticism On Twitter

Colin Kaepernick's mother is not happy with Lowell Cohn's criticisms of her son

Colin Kaepernick’s mother, Teresa, recently fired back at Press Democrat columnist Lowell Cohn for what she considered insensitive and uninformed criticisms of her son.

Teresa Kaepernick used Twitter to criticize Cohn for what came off as school yard bullying in his column about Colin’s contract demands.

Cohn was specifically upset that a player who has started 23 games reportedly wants $18 million a season. Ridiculous demands until you consider Kaepernick started a Super Bowl and two NFC Championship games.

The fact that Kaepernick threw an interception to lose the Super Bowl two years ago, and another to lose the NFC Championship game last season are besides the point. Unless your Cohn.

On Twitter, Colin Kaepernicks protective mother wrote:

For context, here are some tidbits from Lowell Cohn’s column:

– Colin Kaepernick is not an attractive personality. Usually he doesn’t say jack. And that’s not attractive. When he says jack — and more — he’s even less attractive.

– If Kaepernick doesn’t get that kind of dough, he says he’ll go back to kindergarten and knock over his blocks and hold his breath until he turns blue. Check that. I got carried away.

– Advice to Jed York: If Kaepernick persists in his unrealistic, impertinent, rude demands, give him jack.

Do you think Teresa Kaepernick has a point? Is Lowell Cohn crossing a line of professionalism that he should be more aware exists? There is no real answer, it’s all subjective. If you read Cohn’s entire article, he backs up his points, however cruelly they may be stated.

Of course, Colin Kaepernick’s mother has every right to defend her son’s honor, whether Twitter is the right way or not. Kaepernick is the face of the San Francisco 49ers and any criticism towards him can be seen as a criticism towards her.

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