Give Someone On your ‘Naughty’ List Coal for Christmas


Christmas is that special time of the year when we all (well, mostly all) get back on our best behavior. We’re mindful to stay on the “Nice” list of most people we’re cool with, true. We’ve got our own “Nice” list going on in our heads, and those are the people we buy presents for.

But what about people on the “Naughty” list? what do you get them for Christmas when getting them absolutely nothing is just too good for them?

Coal. Get them Coal.

Coal2Luckily, the Kentucky for Kentucky company has got you covered in that area. For a humble fee of $7, the company will lovlingly handwrap a lump of coal of you choosing in specialty printed paper. After, it’s tucked into the coziest of boxes, wishing your giftee the cheeriest and warmest of greetings: “Merry christmas, butthole.”

Aaaah, yes, nothing could ever say it clearer.

Kentucky for Kentucky extolls the importance of giving the gift of coal this holiday season. “The holidays are a time for fun, frivolity, love and gratitude. But let’s face it. Some people don’t deserve any of that stuff. You know the ones. They’ve made your whole year a little harder than it needed to be. They’re the ones with the make-believe gluten allergy. The selfie addicts. The ones with the Make America Great Again hat.”  (Ooooh, Burn!)

It seems the idea did catch on with someone on Twitter.


So, will you be sending anyone coal this holiday season?

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