Classy Jose Canseco Tweets Ex’s Phone Number (But Some Dude Answers)

Leila Shennib or Knight

As we have previously discovered, former Major League Baseball great and admitted juicer Jose Canseco is a hell of a lot of fun to watch on Twitter. But today he may have crossed the line when he tweeted his ex’s phone number and asked us all to slut-shame her.

Jose Canseco Twitter

As you can see from Exhibit A, Canseco included the message “everyone call leila and tell her what a skank thief she is.” He is presumably referring to ex-girlfriend Leila Shennib:

Leila Shennib or Knight

Though she’s going by “Leila Knight” these days.

In any case, DailyDot called the phone number in question, and it went straight to voicemail … a man’s voicemail … a man named “Jesse.”

After roughly 20 minutes, Canseco took the tweets down, but he’s still grumbling about it.

Jose Canseco

We have no idea what set Jose Canseco off at his luscious ex-girlfriend, but this is hardly the first time it has happened. He allegedly posted her phone number with a similarly threatening message back in 2011, and last year, Shennib went on an epic Twitter rampage against him.

The latter incident is documented in impeccable detail over at BuzzFeed.

Are you a fan of Jose Canseco? Err … watching Jose Canseco on Twitter?

[Images via: @JoseCanseco / @ModelLeila]

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