CircleMe Tells You When Your Favorite Bands Are Playing Nearby

CircleMe, first launched in October 2011, gives users the ability to bookmark interests and meet others with similar interests who they can then trade recommendations and even make plans for events with. Now, thanks to new integration with Songkick, users can easily find out when their favorite bands are playing near them.

What Songkick does is essentially index millions of venue websites, ticket vendors, and local newspapers around the world to add to its database. Not only that, they also have gathered over 1 million concerts dating all the way back to the 1960’s.

Previously, CircleMe users could just keep up to date with conversations and content around their favorite interests. With access to Songkick’s private API, this brings more functionality to the site and is sure to be great for those who want to check out their favorite bands in person.

CircleMe’s marketing manager, Javier Galan, reached out to us via email and had this to add:

“As the Yahoo! acquisition means Stamped will be sunsetted at the end of the year, we want to become the first choice for people to not only collect their favorite things, but also be updated about them. The integration with Songkick, the leading live concerts tracker, is the first step towards achieving this.”

The new integration went live today. To learn more about CircleMe, go here.



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