#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words: From Peace To Blowtorches?


#ChangeTheWorldIn5Words is trending on Twitter and the answers vary from the normal pageant answer to straight-up weird. With more than 48,000 tweets, the hashtag certainly as people talking.

From charities that want world peace…

To those that just wanted to achieve a pretty modest goal.

Some companies too this as the perfect chance to advertise, such as Nissan. They tweeted out a picture of their latest model GT-R.

Surprisingly, this led to a lot of backlash for the car maker.

Hey, there have been way worse Twitter blunders. Remember DiGiorno Pizza’s controversial tweet about #WhyIStayed?

Back to #ChangeTheWorldIn5Words. The answers may of varied, but there were people that knew exactly what this world needed.


Nutella is the answer to everything.

And then there were those that absolutely no idea.

We all have an inner Miley. That’s actually a disgusting thought.

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