Time Travel Is Totally Real! Celebs Alongside Their Past Twins [Photos]


Though traveling through time has yet to be confirmed, these images of celebs alongside their past twins will make you think thrice about time travel.

via Pinterest; Jennifer Lawrence (right) next to past film star Zubaida Tharwat – crazy, right!?

Whoa . . . see what we’re getting at! That resemblance is uncanny (and, a bit creepy!)

Time travel concept is a lot like the notion of extraterrestrial life, seeing as it has nabbed the human imagination for years. While we have yet to view proof of time travel with our own eyes, often it has become the topic of many film plots.

Scientists have yet to prove whether traveling through time is feasible, and although we’re still waiting it appears that the proof is in the pudding!

via Mixstuff

At first glance to the untrained eye, above may look like a side-by-side pic of Natalie Portman, but we assure you – it is not!

The image to the left of Portman is in fact a man named Clyff, and it is a picture that was first shared via Reddit by his beau, Shannon Welch. Welch initially noticed the resemblance when her significant other sent her a pic of him in the 6th grade as a gag. Even, when Clyff first shot her the photograph, she merely thought it was an older picture of Portman.

Now, how wild is that!

via Imgur; A user on Reddit uploaded an image (left) of her grandmother, and surely it didn’t take long for people to realize that the woman resembled the 44th U.S. President

So much fun this is, isn’t it?!

Well, all good things must come to an end eventually. Thus . . . here’s a few more mind-blowing past public figure look-a-likes. And yes, do share!

via Reddit; In 2016, Michael William Johnstone, 23, shared a pic (left) on Reddit of his great grandfather
via Picswe; The NY Public Library has confirmed that the picture (right) is an unedited, original photo taken in 1939 dubbed “Harlem Loiterers.” “We’re 100 percent certain it’s legitimate,” said Library spokesman Adenike Olanrewaju
via Daily Trend; The man next to JT (right) is an unnamed criminal from the 1800s!
via Tweb; Wait, Matt Damon married a woman (left) in February 1961? Impossible, for he was born 9 years later!
via Bored Panda; No wonder Zuck is the 3rd richest person in the world … for Philip IV of Spain (left) looks JUST damn like him!


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