O-M-F-G: Vast Boulder Misses Mountain Climber By Inches! [Watch]

mountain climber

The following video shows a gigantic disk-shaped boulder swiping out the top of a tent prior to missing a mountain climber by mere inches. A MUST watch!

mountain climber
via Tenor; Aww, hell naw! NEVER mountain-climbling, like ever

Now we’re not saying Apollo obviously does not want the man climbing this (particular) mountain, however we do know how to take a hint!

Perhaps, the mountain climbers were getting a bit too close to Yeti’s cave? Well – we’re not going to totally rule it out.

The mountain climber apparently has karma issues to resolve, but it’s not ‘that bad’ evidently because the boulder didn’t steamroll his behind.

Mountaineering (or mountain climbing) is technically a sport, where persons climb mountains. It may involve scrambling, rock climbing, crossing glaciers, as well as hiking.

Heedless of the length of the trip ― which can range from a couple of hours to multi-day excursions ― mountain climbing is more physically demanding actually than hiking. Thereby, if efficient moves in your strength-training workouts is what you value, mountain climbing is an ideal fit. It’s a compound exercise, meaning the climbing works several joints and muscle groups concurrently. The steady up-motion targets your leg muscles and glutes, including your hamstrings and quadriceps.

And, of course (as you saw) mountaineering is very dangerous, more so due to climate change. Weather change increases the peril of falling rocks in the Alps and various other mountain regions, increasing the existent risks for mountain climbers.


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