Celebrities Who Really Need To Stay Out Of Politics

celebrities Stay Out Of Politics

For some reason, celebrities seem to think that because they’re influential that they should get involved in politics. They could be singers, reality stars, or notorious for literally doing nothing yet they’re having meetings with the president of the United States. They have no experience in the field nor do they have a reputation of being much of a brain. Here is a list of celebrities who really need to stay out of politics.

Roseanne Barr

celebrities Stay Out Of Politics

Roseanne’s inability to think before she speaks might have gotten her on television, but it also got her kicked off. Having no filter is great when you’re a comedian on stage, but once you get networks involved, it’s best just to zip your lips and collect those paychecks. Barr apparently has made enough money throughout her career to where she doesn’t feel like she needs to mind her manners. As we all know this got her fired and killed-off her own television show. At least she learned her lesson and has since kept her mouth shut when it comes to politics. Just kidding. She learned nothing and continues to rant all over social media.

Kanye West

celebrities Stay Out Of Politics

Kanye West might think he and Trump are best buddies, but he’s clearly having some kind of mental breakdown. One where he likes to use words like “dragon energy” and call slavery a “choice.” After his recent visit to the White House, it became pretty clear that West has either lost his damn mind or is getting paid a lot of money to say a bunch of nonsense he couldn’t possibly believe. If you read the full transcript of their meeting, you’ll see that West had a lot to say on a number of issues. Thrown in between his usual nonsense, it is almost an intelligent discussion. With zero political experience, it makes people wonder where all of these thoughts are actually coming from. Apparently, West had the same realization as he swore off politics soon after their meeting claiming he felt he was being “used” to spread messages he doesn’t believe in. At least someone had the courage to tell him to stay out of politics. Stick to fashion.

Kim Kardashian West

celebrities Stay Out Of Politics

Kim Kardashian West might be all about prison reform these days, but it wasn’t too long ago that she was all about contouring and butt injections. Perhaps her husband is rubbing off on her though because she also had a meeting with the president not too long ago. There’s something about these reality stars, they tend to stick together. Even if Kim had some kind of mind-blowing proposal on prison reform for Trump, we all know he wasn’t listening to a word she said. The only thing that perv was doing during their meeting is picturing Kim naked and running scenes from her sex tape through his mind.

When it comes down to it, celebrities don’t live in the same world as the rest of us. They may have once, but they’re far better off focusing on what they’re good at. Entertaining us.

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