Celebrate Pancakes By Soaking In One Of These ‘Hotcake Baths’

pancake baths

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh pancakes and syrup? Seriously, you can’t resist those pillowy cakes drenched in maple syrup. While you might missed Pancake Day on February 28, one Japanese resort is helping you celebrate anytime.

Starting on March 3, the Hakone Kowakien Yunessun hot spring resort began offering maple scented hotcake baths. This unique bath carryings aromas and sweet maple and vanilla, thanks to the staff pouring in fresh maple syrup three times a day.

This new offering was inspired by the 60th anniversary of the Japanese confectionery company, Morinaga’s pancake mix. To celebrate, Morinaga teamed up with the Yunnessun resort to provide the ultimate experience for those that love pancakes.

pancake baths

I know what you are thinking, won’t you end with maple syrup in unmentionable places? Thankfully, the resort has thought of everything. This specific bath is located in the “swimsuit area”, this means that no guests will be lounging in the nude. Many are excited that it will allow for families and less adventurous guests to enjoy the new addition. However, this maple syrup pancake lover’s dream will only be around until April 25, so make your travel plans now!

This resort is also known for offering up unusual items to enjoy a relaxing soak in. For example, if hotcakes aren’t your thing, why not try green tea, coffee or wine?

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