This Black Bath Bomb Is Every Goth’s Dream Come True

bath bomb

Aaaaah, at last. A bath bomb to match my soul.

Those of us whose homes are happily betubbed may have at some point of their lives enjoyed a good bath bomb or two. (and those of us who don’t, well, there’s always be the memes for it.)

Instagram user @Toxicbitchcraft shared this video of her discovery of the dark, unearthly powers bestowed on her relaxing soak by the Hex Bomb.

YEEEEEESSS. I can feel its arcane magic burbling forth through my computer screen. This pitch-black water would go really well with your opal tresses. Why do I think so? Dahling, I know so. Bring out your pastel-gothiness to bath time, because bath time is Me time.

Thankfully, the black bath bomb doesn’t stain your skin — only your immortal soul.

This bathbomb is amazing! @hex_bomb #hexbomb #hex_bomb #blackasyoursoul #blackbathbomb

A photo posted by Toni Quinn (@toniquinn) on

Twitter had much to say about this little dark confection — primarily, how and where to buy it?

American Horror Story, eat your heart out.

Because even He Who Must Not Be Named deserves a little private TLC.

Corection: A FABULOUS portal to Hell.

Excellent! More for us dark and mysterious creatures of the night, then.

Only because I traded it in for these gorgeous bath bombs, dahling. Such a steal.

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