Captain America is With Hydra?! Fans and Chris Evans Respond


Nooooo!!! Marvel,what have you done?!

This is one spoiler that not even Google could save us from.

HydraIn a plot twist that rocked the Marvel fanbase, The very first issue of “Captain America: Steve Rogers” reveals that the Cap we love and cheered to see him punch the living daylights out of Hitler has actually been working for the Nazi-terrorist group Hydra all along.

According to Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort, the idea was pitched by writer Nick Spencer as part of “restoring Steve to his youth and vigor.”(So now, dear fans, we all know who to blame when this all comes crashing down.)

How did this all happen? This first issue irons out a few wrinkles in Steve Roger’s story that we never even knew were there. Take, for example, his childhood with his mother, Sarah. We know that Sarah worked as a single mother, and that Steve’s dad was an abusive alcoholic. Spencer later introduce a certain Elisa Sinclair who saves Sarah from another bout of abuse from the husband. Sinclair, who turns out to be a Hydra agent, later invites mother and son over to dinner, and we see Sarah accept from her a pamphet with the Hydra logo on it. fast forward a number of years — Cap betrays one of his colleagues, saying “Hail Hydra” as he throws said colleague off a plane.


Yuy. Hold on, I need a minute.

Granted, there were a few people who felt this might actually be a good thing for our (ex) star-spangled hero —

— the rest of the fan base? Not so.

Cap didn’t go through all that, doing what he did, for nothing.

Everything is just so horribly wrong.

Even Chris Evans wasn’t into the idea.

Okay, okay. He was shocked, though.

Oh, Marvel. you could have taken Cap to such a better place. But you went and made it worse.

The hashtag #SayNotoHYDRACap called for fan justice.

Some made a prediction of th next ill-chosen plot twist.

They decried the decades of hard work and character building, as well as everything he stands for, all of a sudden just… gone.

And how dare Marvel do that to Stucky!

And please, can somebody think of the children?!

Some fans have decided to boycott the series until significant change happens to their hero.

And some are beginning to stand up to Marvel’s decision, and fighting back with their hero’s own philosophy.

Will this be the end of Cap as we know him?

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