#CalmYourselfIn4Words Brings the Chill to Twitter


We’ve just made headway into the second half of 2015, and things are getting pretty cray up in here. There’s Donald Trump making waves wherever he goes, celebrity couple breakups, and wrecked leather pants. There’s copyright mess-ups, #CeciltheLion, and more One Direction rumors than Twitter can handle (or bring itself to care about).

Twitter users need a chill pill — and #CalmYourselfIn4Words is just what the doctor ordered.

The hashtag encourages tweeps to get creative with expressing what they love and what gets them relaxed and happy.

Whether it’s curling up with a favorite book…

Or counting the days to the newest episode of your favorite show…

Or thinking of something good to eat …

How about some Nutella? Nutella tends to make everything better.

Or if you’re not a chocolate person, bacon might be the answer.

Why don’t you sing along?

Or dream tiny dreams.

Cuddling with furry friends is a good idea.

Are you cosplay-ready? Time to relax; you got this.

And if today wasn’t so awesome, always remember:


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