Social Media Jobs for August 11, 2015

With constant contact via social media a given today, some have dismissed the previous power of email. But actually having a social media and email marketing plan designed to work together is often your best bet. Social Times has a great infographic on how these formats work better in conjunction with one another and this AdWeek article shares three ways email is proving itself worthwhile in the marketing world.

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East, US

New York, NY

Global Head of Social Marketing at Spotify

Melville, NY

Social Media Coordinator at Leigh Adams Advertising

Wilmington, DE

Social Media Manager at AstraZeneca

Andover, MD

Social Media & Knowledge Management Manager at Phillips

Columbia, MD

Recruiting & Social Media Marketing Assistant at Varen Technologies

Central, US

Philadelphia, PA

Social Media Coordinator at CID Entertainment

Indianapolis, IN

Social Media Program Manager at Bloomington Hospital

Chicago, IL

Digital/Social Media Coordinator at the University of Illinois

Kansas City, KS

Social Media Coordinator at Kansas Community College

South, US

Falls Church, VA

Social Media Specialist at Acentia

Atlanta, GA

Social Media Manager at Sage

Duluth, GA

Social Media Specialist at Asbury Automotive Group

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Social Media Manager at Zimmerman Advertising

Sarasota, FL

Marketing Social Media Coordinator at The Resort at Longboat Key Club

Richardson, TX

Senior Marketing Social Specialist at Fossil

Austin, TX

Contract Social Community Manager at Springbox

West, US

Denver, CO

Social Media Program Manager at Cabela’s Inc

Santa Clara, CA

Social Media Marketing Manager at SoundHound



Part Time Social Media Community Manager at Six12 Creative



Social Media/Website Manager for a jewelry company



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