Funeral Turns Up After Woman Mistakenly Brings Cake Laced With Weed


Typically, wakes are not a fun affair. However, one in Germany turned all the way up after people inadvertently consumed cake laced with marijuana.

Funerals can be a very emotional roller-coaster. You have lots of somber folks coming together to wish farewell to a loved one and then you ordinarily shoot the breeze with said persons at a wake to reminisce on the good times. Well, the wake in discussion – was more like a wedding reception in an Amsterdam cafe!

via Leslie Kirchhoff

Accordant to reporters, persons attending a memorial in the country’s east visited a restaurant for cake and coffee, which in Germany is reputedly customary. They all hunkered together whilst the restaurant owner dished out dessert to mourners. Little did the proprietor know that what she was giving away actually was cannabis cake.

Evidently, she picked up the weed laced cake from her refrigerator because her eighteen year old daughter had stashed it in there for an unalike occasion. Thirteen different started experiencing symptoms of nausea and dizziness and had to receive medical treatment. Now her 18-year-old daughter is under investigation.

The incident is similar to one that happened in the United Kingdom at a metal detecting convention. Masses met up to converse on the field of metal detecting although there was too one goer who was commemorating their 50th birthday. He was passing out bits of birthday cake, not realizing some dupe had laced it with loads of Mary Jane. A total of 13 guests had to be transported to the hospital and two persons at the scene were treated due to severe reactions.


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