Cage Fighting Drones Put All Other Drones To Shame [Video]

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Drones have risen in popularity and they seem to do everything. As consumers continue to contribute to the growing billion dollar industry, new uses for drones are being discovered. From capturing amazing photographs, accomplishing some pretty neat stunts and even delivering packages, drones are pretty awesome inventions. But, hold on just a second. This video takes drones to a whole different level. Three words: cage fighting drones. Check it out.

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The rules are simple. The drone that can knock its opponent to the ground, while staying airborne wins. Three strikes and you’re out. That means anytime a drone hits the ground or gets tangled in the net, it gets a strike. When a drone goes down, the operator gets ninety seconds to fix the drone and get it back into the air. But, what happens when both drones collide and come crashing down? That’s called a push and no one loses points. OK, now that you know the rules, you are ready to fight. Right?

Not so fast, we know you probably can’t wait to get out there and try drone cage fighting yourself. But, there is one point we can’t stress enough. These fighting drones aren’t your normal thousand dollar models. These drones are meant to fight. They are made with durable, polymer bodies and are decked out with protective padding. They also have interchangeable propellers in case one gets broken in battle. You can purchase your very own cage fighting drone kit from

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[Photo credit:]

This video was produced by WIRED and uploaded to THE SCENE. Go check out some of their other videos, totally awesome for wasting time at the office… 🙂

So, what do you think about cage fighting drones?

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