Choc It Out: Cadbury Wants To Pay You To Taste Test Their Chocolates

Photo by Mondelez International

Any adult past their mid-20s has it so hard. A lot of them can’t eat things without getting guilty with what they’re doing to their bodies. The problem is, more stress always equates to more stress eating, and chocolates are king in that category. Thankfully, Cadbury wants to reduce that guilt of eating too many chocolates: by paying you as to taste test their sweets.


Well, this could be a silver lining to some of us, especially those who are tired of their usual jobs. Yes, indeed, Cadbury is hiring “Professional Chocolate Testers” to, well, taste test their latest chocolates. No, we are not making that up, and we know it sounds like something you dreamt up as a child when asked what you want to be when you grow up.


But wait, while Cadbury is hiring testers, plural, they are only looking for four. The listing came from Mondelēz International which owns Cadbury. They are forming a taste test team for their Cadbury’s new products, which, of course, are new chocolate flavors. Still, it’s not all fun and games; there are certain responsibilities for taste test employees and their going rate is $14/hour.

If you do need a new and sweeter perspective in life, then this job might be for you. It does require no formal training, but Mondelēz does reiterate that there is more than just eating chocolate to it. The official website is here if you want to give that sweet tooth a roll (or role). If you want to try it out, it’s never too (choco)late.

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