Thieves Inexplicably Stole 20 Tons of Chocolate From German Town

Part of me wants to be really mad at the people who pulled this off and part of me wants to secretly congratulate them on the greatest chocolate thievery in history and how flawlessly they pulled it off. Sorry, getting ahead of myself.

In Central Germany some unknown chocolate bandits stole an entire trailer truck load worth of (REALLY GOOD) chocolate. We are not talking Hershey kisses here. We are talking a trailer FILLED with Nutella and Kinder Surprise Eggs.


Those magical chocolate eggs you can rarely find in America that have toys inside them (or used to, I think some kids may have choked and died). Local police have no leads and no idea how a 20 ton semi-trailer was stolen, but be on the lookout for some GREAT DEALS on Kinder eggs out of the back of a truck and please buy me 1000 if you come across them.

If liking Kinder eggs that much makes me a suspect, lock me up now. The chocolate bandits did what any sane person would when it comes to Nutella and Kinder Eggs.

They just somehow got away with it. 

Remy Carreiro


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