71 Percent Of Businesses Use Social Media For Customer Service [Infographic]

Social media continues to be a hotbed for activity and thanks to a new infographic, we have learned that 71.2 percent of businesses are using social platforms for customer service. The infographic created by SAP, Social Media Today, and Pivot, shares fascinating insights into how businesses utilize social networks.

Among the findings, 87.5 percent have seen a positive impact from using social media. Only 11.5 percent of businesses saw no noticeable difference while 0.5 percent actually saw a negative difference. Compared to 2011, 13.7 percent more businesses have been utilizing social networks for upwards of two years.

Continuing with the fact that social media can be a far cheaper investment for customer service, 77.6 percent of businesses have allocated less than $50,000 to their social media efforts in the past year. 11 percent have allocated $50,000 to $100,000, 5 percent have allocated $100,000 to $250,000, and 7 percent have spent over $250,000.

When it comes to response times, 36.3 percent respond in less than one hour, 32.5 percent in less than four hours, and 26.3 percent in less than one day. Thankfully, just 4.3 percent took longer than one day to respond while 0.5 percent took more than one week.

With the somewhat delayed response times, finding the answer was the cause 41 percent of the time. Check out the infographic below for far more stats on how companies are utilizing social media for positive benefit.




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