Veterinarians Unearth 19 Baby Pacifiers In Bulldog’s Tummy


A Boston bulldog digested approximately 19 pacifiers — heisting them from his master’s children over the course of various months.

via MSPCA-Angell; It’s tough to fathom any dog could swallow 19 pacifiers, however Mortimer managed to pull it off

Misplace your baby’s binky of late? Well, you may want to examine the family bow-wow. Beantown’s Angell Animal Medical Center veterinarians efficaciously removed a gang of rubbery suckers from a bulldog (who’s name is Mortimer) last week after obtaining him into their care. Emily Shanahan, the 3-year-old dog’s owner, was highly concerned about Mortimer’s medical condition after repeated bouts of nausea and vomiting. “[Shanahan] rushed him back to Angell because he wasn’t getting better and did everything that a wonderful and responsible pet parent would do,” the hospital wrote in a tweet Monday. Dr. Doug Brum, one of the animal physicians at Angell, informed news radio that Mortimer was snacking probably on the pacifiers for quite some time.

Ironically, pacifiers can actually prevent over-eating. Infants who do have a pretty robust sucking reflex can wind up over-feeding if they do not have accessibility to a pacifier. Why? Because giving they do not have another channel to appease their sucking reflex, they are going to give every fiber of their bean when they are feeding! Therefore, if you detect your little one is sucking a lot whilst feeding and they are gaining a bit too much weight, a pacifier could assist.


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