Buffer Launches Redesigned iOS 7 App


Buffer knows you’re not always in front of a computer when you want to share with the world, and today announced a completely redesigned iOS 7 app.

Thrown into an episode of Extreme Makeover, it also comes with new features:

-New “Re-Buffer” button allows you to re-post key content
-Support for Facebook Groups (in addition to Profiles & Pages)
-New “share next” button
-Team management: Invite and edit team members from anywhere
-Deeper analytics: Know how your content performs, anywhere
-Content suggestions: Keep your social media stream full
-Advanced customization for your Buffer editor

The social sharing service says it spent a lot of time in the compose window, giving users more control, and the app has also been rebuilt for speed.

Having the most reliable up-to-date information is important, which is why Buffer also now syncs data in the background even when you have the app closed.

Awesome or Business plan subscribers now have full control over inviting new people or editing teams, and here’s a nifty GIF showing the new app in action:

Buffer App

The latest offering is available now in the App Store, and there are future plans to launch universal support for the iPad.

We reached out to Buffer about a redesign for Android, and here’s what they had to say:

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