It’s Okay To Laugh At This Guy’s Cerebral Palsy Workout Clip [Video]

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Let’s catch up for a minute. It’s is totally not okay to laugh at people with disabilities. Unless it’s Texas-based comedian Zach Anner, but even then, you’re not laughing at him so much as with him.

Watch his workout video above and you’ll see what I mean.

Anner, who has cerebral palsy, came to prominence after submitting a video to Oprah Winfrey’s “Search for the Next TV Star” competition. He won his own TV show, Rollin’ With Zach, which premiered December 12, 2011 (though it was cancelled six episodes in).

Some internet sleuths accused Oprah’s competition of being rigged against Anner, even though he ultimately won. He later defended Oprah, and said that he doubts she would have had gamed her own game show.

Anyway, since the Oprah days, Anner has launched Riding Shotgun, his own series which premiered on YouTube in 2012.

He has about 10,000 subscribers on his channel, and his videos are just the bee’s knees. Today, we’re looking at “Milestones – Workout Wednesday #12,” which is going viral this week after being posted to r/videos.

Don’t buy it? Check out this testimonial!

“This is the first video of yours I have seen. You made me smile at 7 am with no coffee.”

There you have it. Zach Anner has the power of coffee.

Watch Anner’s cerebral palsy workout video above, and subscribe to his channel here.

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