Scottish Man with Bionic Penis Ready to Lose Virginity

Of all the horrible, debilitating accidents which befall man (and I do mean man, exclusively), the loss of one’s genitalia is surely the most feared. The slightest mention of a damaged or severed member is enough to make every male in the room wince and cover their own manhood. Sadly, such tragedies do occur—but thankfully technology can now improve such a sad state of penile absentia.

Mohammed Abad, a Scottish man who lost his penis in a childhood accident, has just recovered from the UK’s first operation to install a bionic penis. Now, he’s ready to lose his virginity; and he’s doing it with a bit of kink. Abad has decided to give his man-flower to Charlotte Rose, a London-area sex worker, sex therapist, dominatrix, and all-around professional of all things orgasmic. You may recognize her from the Channel 4 documentary Love for Sale.

Bionic penis man ready to lose virginity.
Admit it, you’d pay $9.50 to see “Mohammed Abad: The Man with the Bionic Penis”

“I have waited long enough for this — it’ll be a great start to the new year,” Abad told the Daily Record. “My penis is working perfectly now so I just want to do it.”

“I am so honoured that he chose me to take his virginity,” said Rose. “We plan to have a dinner date so we can get to know each other and then two hours of private time. I’m not charging him.”

Sex worker offers free services to man with bionic penis.
Sex worker and activist Charlotte Rose has offered her services to Mohammed Abad for free after hearing his story. Of course, she could just be curious about what bionic penises are like. In which case, who can really blame her?

Godspeed You! Bionic Emperor.

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