Next Week Is Bring Your Dog To Work Day – And We Love Nothing More!

bring your dog to work

Bring Your Dog To Work Day is next Friday, June 21, and has been rolling since 2014 when it was founded by Hownd, dog care retailers.

‘Dress down Friday’ doesn’t quite spark up the same sort of exuberance around the work place anymore. One day of the year that can rekindle a childlike level of elation, however, is Bring Your Dog To Work Day. Of course, it is not mandated that all employers honor the sacredness of the day … thereby, now, you should ask graciously/claim your written up notice in case they give you a big thumbs down. If your employer is the type of individual who doesn’t usually approve of inconsequential positive morale and fun in the workplace, then maybe you could gain their vote by pointing out that the day is too about raising funds for charity.

The idea is that participants donate to All Dogs Matter, which rehomes and rescues forsaken dogs, or to Animals Asia, a charity aiming to end bear bile farming, in addition to improving the welfare of cats and dogs in Vietnam and China. Companies that partake are invited to donate $100 and will receive an online shout-out, while persons who donate a tenner can upload a photo of their pup at work to their ‘Dog with a Job Hall of Fame’. And giving your boss is the sort of heartless a-hole who gives a rat’s behind about charity or workplace morale, then you can attempt to hit him/her with the oldest trick in the book – by suggesting to them it will be ‘good for the company.’ Many studies have proven having dogs in the workplace can boon a business, primarily by reducing stress, improving health and bonding teams, which means fewer people taking sick days.


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