Cute Dog Jump Kicks A Kid in the Head and It’s the Best Thing Ever

So the title kind of tells you all you need to know about this and I do know laughing at other’s misfortune is wrong, but if so, why doth it feels so right? And yes, that WAS supposed to say doth. It felt far more an apropos fit than does here, seeing as to how epic this kick is.

So the short story made even shorter. This dog wants nothing more to jump and catch a branch of this cherry blossom tree. Alas, a small child stands in his way. The thing is, this matters little to the dog who manages to pull a John Cena on the kid in the most epic of ways.

Behold this beauty for yourself:

While it could very well be said the dog clearly had no intention of double-kicking that kid in the face doesn’t make it any less hilarious.The dog just seemingly forgot anything existed except it and that cherry blossom tree, and that is exactly why we love dogs.

They are goofy, adorable, loyal, and sometimes kinda stupid in the most hilarious of ways (just like most of us humans).


Another Animal Teaching Another Human a Lesson

Remy Carreiro


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