Big Mac From Space Suddenly Crashes On Football Field, Baffles Athletes

Photo by YouTube/Killem

It is estimated that around 128 million pieces of man-made trash are now floating in space. That’s a lot. Some of them are bound to come back down to Earth to teach us a lesson. A Big Mac falling back down as one of those space garbage pieces is quite unheard of, but it did happen to one football field– a Big Mac fell down… from space.


The said out-of-this-world experience took place in Colchester United‘s training ground in England, UK. While the team was doing its usual off-season training, a Big Mac suddenly fell down from the sky like a shooting star, except made out of broken dreams and GMO heart attack material. Thankfully it hurt no one, except the minds of the witnesses who were confounded at the phenomena.


“When we discovered the burger at the training ground on Wednesday, we weren’t quite sure what to think… We’ve seen plenty of things happen in football over the years, but this has to be one of the most unusual – but it’s certainly helped spread the name of Colchester United!” according to Matt Hudson, the football club’s media manager.


However, it was clearly not from aliens, as they preferred Burger King Whoppers. That and the said Big Mac also came down in a polystyrene box with a GoPro camera. Turns out, it was just one of those weather balloon experiments where people send light objects into space with a GoPro and a huge balloon to see how high it can get into space before falling down.


The Big Mac actually belonged to Tom Stanniland, a YouTuber who claimed the frozen space burger using a tracker, stating that, “I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon. It had gone about 24 miles up and the weather balloon popped. It’s come back down, traveled over 100 miles and landed right here.” Here’s the video:

Stanniland did pledge to eat the Big Mac no matter where it landed, so he did and he immediately regretted consuming the fallen space debris after the extreme temperatures of the stratosphere had ruined it, “That’s not nice,” he expressed.

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