Restaurant Creates Bernie Sanders-inspired Burger, Hillary Clinton-inspired Bologna Sandwich

Talk about getting a mouth full of politics. The Belmar Pub & Grill in Binghamton, New York has a delicious premium burger offering for Bernie Sanders supporters, and a less-than-delicious bologna sandwich for Hillary Clinton supporters.

As Matt Terzi of Reverb Press reports, the Bernie burger, officially called the “Belmar Bernie Burger” features:

“a big eight-ounce beef patty, bacon house-smoked with Vermont maple syrup, Vermont cheddar cheese, and topped with garlic aioli baby spinach and red onion, served with a side, all for just $7.”

The Belmar Bernie Burger, photo courtesy of Reverb Press.
The Belmar Bernie Burger, photo courtesy of Reverb Press.

The Hillary Clinton-inspired sandwich, on the other hand, is basically an entire package of bologna stuffed between two buns. It’s described as being “a burger as tasteless and full of baloney as the candidate herself.”


The Hillary "burger." Photo courtesy of Reverb Press.
The “Hillary Special,” described as consisting of “a hard roll packed with one full pound of generic, machine-processed bologna, costing $14 — literally twice as much [as the Bernie Burger] — and served without any toppings or sides.” Photo courtesy of Reverb Press.
Well, it definitely looks like the Belmar Pub & Grill is feeling the bern. Time will tell if the rest of New York state is, too.

As I wrote previously, the winner of the New York primary (scheduled for April 19) will likely be the next president of the United States.

“It might be immediately apparent, but the race in New York will be the place the next President of the United States is chosen. The Republican Party has no candidates viable for the general election, and polling match-ups routinely demonstrate how both Democratic candidates beat Republicans handily in the general election.

“It’s a tough race to predict, but if there’s any merit to economist Robert Reich’s proclaimed Death of the Republican Party, the next president will be a Democrat. Now it’s just a matter of deciding which one.”

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