BeeTV HD iPad App Makes TV Watching A Social Experience

BeeTV Watching Now

With a bazillion network and cable TV channels to choose from it can become quite easy to get lost in the mess of shows currently available to watch, however BeeTV hopes to rectify that situation with their new iPad app which allows users to receive personalized recommendations and share the shows they watch with friends.

The BeeTV HD app (available through this App Store link) brings the full BeeTV website to the users iPad, while allowing users to sign in via Facebook or Twitter to see what their friends are watching and to share what shows they are watching via their social networking accounts.

The app (pictured below) shows users a list of currently trending shows (what your friends and others are watching) and that information is culled through Facebook and Twitter shares.

Users can find shows and then tap on their pages to see what other people are saying about the show and to read comments their Facebook and Twitter friends have left.

BeeTV Watching Now

BeeTV users can even choose to receive regionalized updates and recommendations by entering in their zip code which will then offers shows to watch now and in the future. Cool fact, the programs “recommendations” are based on Facebook Likes within the BeeTV program which means you are literally receiving real-time options.

With an iPad app that very much resembles the grid-like pattern of the company’s website veteran users will have no problem navigating around the ecosystem while first time users who prefer their iPad over traditional online browsing means will have no problem quickly figuring out how to use the program.

I highly recommend taking a look at BeeTV HD when you have a chance, if you get enough of your friends on-board you may just find some great new shows you never knew existed.

You can visit the BeeTV website at https://Bee.TV

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