The Sims Are Getting Social With New Facebook Game

the sims social

The Sims are coming to Facebook. EA announced today that a new version of the popular online game, called The Sims Social, will be hitting Facebook later this summer.

The Sims Social already has a Facebook page with a few built in incentives. Exclusive in-game prizes will be unlocked when The Sims Social Facebook page reaches certain milestones. A grill was unlocked after the first 1000 people liked the page and a keyboard was unlocked after The Sims Social received 5000 likes.

Here’s the description from the FB page:

The Sims Social brings the fun and creativity of The Sims to Facebook! Create unique Sims and live out their dreams—or stir up trouble by pulling pranks. Develop deep relationships to unlock new features and advance: befriend and fight, date and cheat, love and betray. Play with life in a whole new way—with your real friends, for free!”

The Sims was introduced in 2000 and has sold more than 100 million copies. The latest release of the game, Sims 3, sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. The Sims Social will be released this summer in five languages and will be free to play. But users, or course, will be able to purchase virtual goods.

EA has already found success in the social gaming arena with products like Monopoly Millionaire, which set a Guinness World Record for simultaneous game play, and could take away a large chunk of Zynga’s 250 million strong user base with The Sims Social.

Dan Evon

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