BBC Slams Irresponsible Comment on Facebook


The internet has given us so many wonders of the modern age — Email! Streaming! Social Media! And yes, even the fine art of the comment. It doesn’t matter whether you’re one of the old guards who once had their root in Yahoo Geocities, hopped from thread to thred on Reddit, or even lurked the deep, dark, murky realms of 4Chan or Youtube comments. Commenting is here to stay, with the power to start flame wars, ruin relationships, or provide entertainment in more ways than one.

And then, of course, there’s the unfortunate case of proving you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. This particular commenter has become a cautionary tale of the dangers of irresponsible commenting, much more right on the proverbial doorstep of a media giant like, oh I don’t know, BBC.

So it all starts with this very post on on of BBC’s Facebook pages.

One commenter decided to have a go at the news channel. Note that he probably had no idea who he was taking on, and here’s where you should break out the popcorn.

I hope it’s a small pack of popcorn, because BBC shut it down quicker than you or I can work through said pack. Clearly, BBC was having none of this guy’s nonsense today or any day.


Boom. Need some cream for the burn?


Other commenters got savvy to what was going on.


So please, dear readers. Don’t be that person in the Comments section. It’s not cool. Just in case you need a refresher, here are seven tips you can follow on the art of commenting on social media and not acting the fool. Trust us, it matters.

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