Barber’s Condom Promotion Assures Customer Satisfaction, But Something’s Amiss

Photo by Twitter/Jake Gamez

Barbers are just as important to men as salons are to women. After all, its the hair that makes a man, just go ask Samson, he’s been there. Suffice to say, barbers are quite popular, more so if they have mad skills. One barber from the US did and was confident about them, so he did a condom promotion for his service. However, there was something hilariously wrong with it.


Jake Gamez is what one can consider an artiste in matters concerning hair, men’s hair especially. Gamez works at the Fadeaway Barbershop in Corpus Christi, Texas. So confident was Gamez at his skills, that he prepared a special condom promotion where he will give customers their own condoms after they had their haircut. He even posted the gesture on Twitter:

Very suggestive, we all know what condoms are for and all the good things they represent (or bad things if you’re a Catholic priest). However, brilliant as Gamez might be at haircuts, he should have left out the condom giveaways to experts, because condom repackaging is clearly not his forte. That, or maybe poking holes in the condoms were intentional…


Of course, the internet was quick to respond to Gamez’s condom promotion:

Some even thought that it was a brilliant business strategy, take note stockbrokers, this is how you create a demand for something:

Gamez, however, also responded to the tweets and joined in on the fun:

Yep, he’s definitely trying to corner the child market as well with that condom promotion. That’s two birds with one stone right there, your move Wall Street.

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