Even American Condoms Are Screwed In The Trump-China Trade War

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There is actually an ongoing war right now between the U.S. and China while we are sitting at the comforts of our home. Don’t be alarmed just yet though, since it is just a trade war, meaning no physical harm or weapons are being utilized. Still, it has some bad economic effects, such as tariffs for certain imported goods, and that is the frontline of said financial war with China which Donald Trump began and is intent on continuing.

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So that leads us to the latest casualty of the trade war between the Trump administration and the Chinese government: condoms. To be more specific, one of China’s trade war retaliations is putting a tariff or tax on imported American-made condoms. So yes, even condoms are not safe anymore… from the trade war at least, but for general use… well, you get the picture.

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What this means is that people living in China will find American condoms more expensive there. Theoretically, this could dissuade Chinese consumers from buying their condoms. Consequently, the sales figures of American condom companies will be hurt. That pretty much sums up the idea of the trade war.

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However, the tariff on American condoms seems to be negligible at best for American companies. That is because they only exported a net worth of US$13,939 to China. Meanwhile, China shipped US$1.46 billion worth of condoms to the US in 2017. Still, China seems to take its retaliations quite sternly despite the fact that its exports to the U.S. are worth US$505.5 billion of products versus the United States’ US$129.9 billion of American goods exported to China.

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It seems Trump’s 25 percent tariff on the said $500 billion worth of Chinese goods will surely hit the Chinese industry more badly. Regardless, whichever side wins this ridiculous trade war that is now involving condoms, the people will always receive the brunt of it.

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