Bad Lip Reading Takes On NFL For 2015 [Video]

Bad lip reading

The epic lip reading videos are back and this time they have a special edition for the NFL, NFL 2015: A Bad Lip Reading.

As always, the video is hilarious with many NFL favorites saying some strange things. Cam Newton, Tony Romo, Chip Kelly, Dez Bryant, Ed Hochuli, Andy Dalton and many others make appearances saying some pretty funny things.

The very first NFL bad lip reading video was made three years ago in 2013. It is just as funny as this one.

Other videos feature popular shows and films, such as the Walking Dead and Hunger Games.

Bad Lip Reading: More Hunger Games, Clips From Catching Fire [Watch]

Bad Lip Reading: More Walking (And Talking) Dead: Part 1 Goes Viral Over Night [Watch]



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