Doctor Gives 4-Year-Old Boy Cannabis Cookies For Temper Tantrums


A physician in California is battling for his license after he prescribed marijuana infused cookies to a four-year-old child.

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Dr. William Eidelman, a natural medicine doctor, stated small doses of cannabis would help regulate the child’s temper tantrums. The PhD holder misdiagnosed the toddler as having attention deficit disorder (ADD) and bipolar disorder.

The Medical Board of California declared to rescind the doctor’s license though he has initiated an appeal. The board did not look to revoke the license because the physician had prescribed ganja to a child, which for medicinal purposes is legal in the state of California.

Not quite. Dr Eidelman was probed as a result of being “negligent in his care and treatment” – he bungled by not consulting a psychiatrist in the case or touching base with the school.

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The boy’s dad consulted Dr Eidelman because his son was acting up at school. The doc suggested small amounts of the dope, which was unconcealed when the school nurse was requested to give the 4-year-old his ‘cannabis cookies’ at lunchtime.

The father had previously sourced the greenery for his older son, who had too been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD. He said cannabis had had a “positive effect” on both his kids.

Dr Eidelman has appealed against the verdict, made on Jan 4th, and contends he will persist to practice. His attorneys explained he had won a suspension of the revoking, pending a hearing in the near future.


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