Oh, The Heartache! Sweethearts Candies Unattainable This Valentine’s Day


Those dulcet nothings, affixed on the Sweethearts candies we all adore, will be absent from this year’s Valentine’s Day festivities.

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YOU & ME, IT’S LOVE, CRAZY 4U … well, NOT NOW! Sweethearts, the legendary sweets that allowed lovebirds to share their warm feelings in candy form, will be inaccessible this February for the first time in decades.

The New England Confectionery Company aka Necco, the candy’s original manufacturers, went out of business last July. While the establishment’s properties were procured by another candymaker in September, the break in output means Sweethearts will not be in stores for 2019’s Valentine’s Day.

Sweethearts have a protracted and amorous history: Necco initially began impressing messages on the candies in 1866 (they were showcased in Anne of Green Gables), though in past years the company has revamped their messages with modern ones like EMAIL ME and LOL.

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Sweethearts are, in fact, America’s most beloved Valentine’s Day candy. Prior to going out of business, Necco cranked out more than 8,000,000,000 Sweethearts every year – which equates to 19 million lbs of candy!

Spangler has hinted that Sweethearts will debut in time for 2020 Valentine’s Day. Spangler too has warned that you may still witness Sweethearts on store shelves this year – however any you come across were produced before July 2018, so digest them at your own risk!


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