Top 5 Valentines’ Date Ideas Without Breaking The Bank

Valentines’ Day is almost upon us, and while everyone else is scrambling for roses and chocolate and the occasional restaurant dinner reservations, a good number of us out here aren’t exactly up to our temples in cash. Think your February 14th is doomed to be miserable and blah? Not necessarily! You can still have a memorable and incredibly sweet date that on’t cost a lot. All it takes is some creativity, effort, and perfect timing.


So here are the top 10 frugal dates ideas for Valentines’ Day you can do without breaking the bank, and without feeling stingy.


  • Cook together.

Who says you can’t have that romantic Valentines’dinner date? Aside from this idea being easy on your pocket, it saves you and your boo the trouble of scrambling for reservations, wrangling with the dresscode, as well as the potentially stressed waiters waiting for you to vacate your table to make way for other couples. You’ll have the happy privacy of your own kitchen, the spontaneity and closeness of working together to make a meal, and a great dinner just the way you two want it. And oh! You can also have that candlelight dinner, too!

  • Go stargazing.

If you’re both meteorologically savvy, you can time this just right. Make sure this will be a lovely night to remember by planning ahead: pick a great spot with very little light polution; check the weather reports to see if the evening of February 14th is ideal for outdoor activities. Brush up on your constellation for plus points with your main squeeze, and pack a light picnic and warm blankets to lay on.

  • Have a Valentines’ Day brunch.

While dinners can fetch quite a pretty penny and leave your pocket empty, brunches could save you on cash. It’s also a pleasant, unexpected, and refreshing twist on a date. Plus, this is also ideal for a cute first date!

  • Have a Game Night with the one you love.

Whether it’s playing Scrabble, Poker, or a co-op FPS, you and your honey can bond over matching wits, timing, or probably screaming bloody murder over overwhelming boss battles. Nothing quite says “I love you” like sharing loots, helping each other allocate skill points, and unexpected gaming choices. And hey, Strip Scrabble and Strip Poker, anyone?

  • Make a blanket fort at home.

Embrace the kid in you as you embrace each other in your own DIY blanket fort. All you’ll need are cushions/ pillows, your choice of lighting (Fairy lights? Electric candles? Flashlights?), your pick of entertainment (comic books, a board game, or even your TV is a good idea), and great conversation is important. Blanket forts are great for smooching, too.


  • Visit a museum together.

Enjoy some culture together and enjoy an inexpensive art walk ’round your local museum. Whether you’re history buffs or art lovers, learning new things together (and possibly geekgasming together) can help you learn new things about each other and bring you closer.

  • Fly a kite, or play frisbee together.

Get active! With bright skies, good winds, and cheery sunlight, sending a kite sailing into the sky needs teamwork and heaps of energy between the two of you. Playing catch-and-throw with your frisbee can be an enjoyable way to get in sync with each other’s rhythms.

  • Take a stroll at a picturesque place you’ve never been to before.

Ever wondered what it’d be like to take a leisurely stroll don the baywalk? Or the nearby beach? How about a local park? Whatever your location of choice, it’s a nice, relaxed way to talk about life, the universe, and everything and get to know each other better. Streetside snacks or ice cream cones optional.

  • Find some live music.

What’s better than a free or low-cost concert? Check your local parks or pubs for a live band,and head on down for inexpensive eats or drinks. You just might find your new favorite band, and even get a chance to dance together.

  • Have a movie marathon.

Are you both Potterheads? Trekkies? How about Lord of the Rings fans, or Star Wars fans? Whatever fandom your hearts belong to, a movie (or series) marathon is a great, chill way to enjoy your date’s company. This is more than just a simple “Netflix and chill”, y’all; this is fandom! And you just might be able to share your love for your series with your date.

Whether you’re money-savvy, or just really need some extra help to make that date special, coupons are also a good way to help you get those flowers or gifts you’d like to give for a fraction of the cost. However you decide to take your pocket-friendly date, will be there to see every step of the way.

Images courtesy of Bruno Cami,, and Braden Summers
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