Baby Killer Whales Give Fisherman A Scare [Video]

Baby Killer Whales

Three fisherman had a close encounter with some baby killer whales. At first, it was all fun and games until the whales get a little too close for comfort.

The men were fishing off the coast of Anderson Island in Washington State when they see baby orcas playing in the distance. The men begin taking pictures and videos of the sight. Then, they notice the whales begin swimming exactly towards their little aluminum rowboat.

“We were in a little aluminum rowboat and we think that the sound of the rope being pulled along the side of the boat is what attracted the babies because right after we pulled up the pot, the pod headed right at us,” says one of the men from the boat in an interview.

The whales swam under the boat for a while, which really scared the fishermen. The orcas finally surface and circle the little boat. The experience is enough to make even he most experienced fisherman’s heart beat a little faster.

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