Shark Photobombs Surfing Contest In Australia

A surfing contest in Australia was briefly halted after an unwanted guest popped up out of the water. Amateur photograph Steph Bellamy captured a photograph of a shark photobombing a group of surfers off the coast of New South Whales. 

According to the Associated Press, the Coffs Harbour Boardriders club was hosting an event for mothers and children when a shark popped up out of the water. Bellamy said that she didn’t realize that she had taken a picture of the shark until she went back to check her camera.

Bellamy said: “He jumped twice, he photobombed big time, then he went on his way.”

You might think that a shark in the water would cause a panic at a surfing competition, but Bellamy said that no one was really rattled by her photo. After showing the image to the organizers of the competition, they decided to put the event on hold for about fifteen minutes.

Yep, fifteen minutes. That was apparently enough time for everyone to calm down and get back to surfing. Shark or no shark.

Bellamy added: “Nobody was rattled. Everybody was really cool and blown away that I got the shot.”

photo credit: Ken Bondy via photopin cc

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