Young Girl Trio Cover Classic Rock Songs [Video]

Girl Rock Trio
[Photo credit: Metal Sucks]

These young girls put many rock cover bands to shame. The Warning is a trio of three sisters who really known how to rock. Daniela, 13, Paulina, 11 and Alejandra, 9 make up the band name The Warning. Daniela is on guitar, Paulina covers the drums and Alejandra rocks out on the bass guitar.

The Warning hails from Monterrey, Mexico and have covered all kinds of classic rock songs.

Sweet Child of Mine- Guns and Roses

We’re Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister

It seems The Warning has released their first original track, “Free Falling”.

The future is bright for these sisters. On the band’s website, there are two opportunities that fans can help the trio accomplist. One is a GoFundMe campaign to send the girls to the Berklee School of Music and the other is a plea for fans to send requests to The Ellen Degeneres Show to schedule The Warning for an appearance.

You can keep up with this talented trio on The Warning’s official website,

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