3-Year-Old Girl Gives Pony Shower In The Bathroom, By Herself [Video]


Harriet, 3, felt that a comforting, warm shower was overdue for her Shetland pony – so she opted to take him indoors for one, instead.

via Bigwnews; Mother catches teeny tot “sneaking” pony into the house for bath-time and cracks up of laughter

In the below video, the toddler can be witnessed grasping a shower head and spraying water on her pony, who is tied to – a toilet roll holder! Following that, Harriet gives him a mellow pat down with a towel.

“Harriet, did you bring the pony upstairs? Her mom asks. in the footage. “Yes!” The pony-doting toddler emphatically replied.

“What are you doing?” Her mother furthered queried. “I’m giving him a bath!” Harriet nervelessly countered.

The film was taped in Northwich, Cheshire, in northwest England.

Comparative to their size, the Shetland pony is regarded as the strongest Equid in existence. Shetlands can haul twice their own weight, giving them nearly twice the power of most heavy horses. They arose in the unforgiving climate of the Shetland Islands, north far of the Scottish mainland.

Shetlands’ size range from a minimum height of roughly 28 inches to an official max height of 42 inches. Registered stock must not surpass 42 inches 10.2 hands at the withers. As a result of their regal outer appearance, Shetland ponies are utilized for pleasure and too in the show ring being exhibited ridden, in hand and in harness at shows all across the UK.

via Popkey; Oh, n’ they know how to moonwalk, too


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